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Map of Agon

Darkfall is set in the world of Agon. It has one mainland continent, also called Agon, and 4 subcontinents: Cairn, Niflheim, Rubaiyat and Yssam. The mainland consists of 6 regions, each being a homeland to one of the playable races: Mercia (Humans), Nagast (Alfar), Mirendil (Mirdain), Tribelands (Mahirim), Dvergheim (Dwarves) and Morak (Orks).

Each of the regions are arranged so that a given race is bordered by enemy races. So, for instance, at the north end of the continent is the Dwarven empire of Dvergheim, bordered on the left by the enemy Mahirim, and on the right by the Orks of Morak.

The following table shows the capital city and neighboring enemies of each of the regions:

Regions Table
Region Race Clockwise Enemy Counter Enemy Capital City
Mercia Humans Alfar Orks Sanguine
Nagast Alfar Mirdain Humans Shoal
Mirendil Mirdain Mahirim Alfar Charybis
Tribelands Mahirim Dwarves Mirdain Red Moon
Dvergheim Dwarves Orks Mahirim Ymir's Tear
Morak Orks Humans Dwarves Flaming Skull