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Agwa'oug Mau'iish
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Older
Description A quiet Ork that can be found in the back silently chanting and scanning the battlefield
Clan Bloodclan
Title Undetermined
Relatives None that are still alive. Friends of Yog and Xha'Ktar

Agwa'oug was found in the forests of Sosaria by Yog'Ktar where they had a brief confrontation. Ever since, they have been friends and allies in the destruction of humanity. If you get close enough, you can see inscribed runes on the surface of Agwa's skin that sometimes glow.

Agwa is currently a proud member of the Bloodclan that lives to chronicle the clan's existence and his own life's stories. His lack of a past inspires him to record the present so that no ork may go on without knowledge of the ones before him or her.

Some of Agwa's painted images of his meeting with Yog'Ktar. Twoxw1 Elevenfq1 Fourtm0 Thirteenvm3