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List of Air Magic Spells from within game.

Air Magic is a form of elemental magic available to the player in Darkfall. This form of magic can be bought for 1000 gold.


Air Magic Skills[]

Skill Level Cost Effect
Icon Durable Spells Air Magic Durable Spells Air Magic 25 50 Increases the duration of Air Magic spells.
Icon Mana Efficiency Air Magic Mana Efficiency Air Magic 50 100 Decreases the Mana spent to cast Air Magic spells.
Icon Quicken Spells Air Magic Quicken Spells Air Magic 75 200 Decreases the casting time of Air Magic spells.
Icon Intensify Air Magic Intensify Air Magic 100 200 Increases the magnitude of Air Magic spells.

Air Magic Spells[]

Spell Skill Cost Reagent Reagent Effect Type
Agility Agility 1 350 Mandrake Ashes Grants a Dexterity bonus to the caster. Self Buff
Arrow Shield Arrow Shield 1 350 Nacre Mandrake Gives the casters increased protection against arrows and other small non-magical projectiles. Self Buff
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning 1 350 2 Mandrake Fires a missile thata inflicts Lightning damage. Damage
Lightning Shield Lightning Shield 10 400 Mandrake Resin Grants a Lightning Protection bonus to the caster. Self Buff
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt 20 400 2 Mandrake Fires a line of electrical energy shocking everything in its path. Damage
Lightning Weakness Lightning Weakness 25 400 Mandrake Launches a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's Lightning protection. De-Buff
Guiding Wind Guiding Wind 30 450 Sulfur Launches a missile that inflicts a penalty to its target's protection against arrows. De-Buff
Arrow Ward Arrow Ward 40 450 Mandrake Nacre Aim at a target to grant protection against arrows and similar missiles. Buff
Lightning Ward Lightning Ward 45 450 Resin Aim at a single target to grant protection against Lightning damage. Buff
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike 50 450 Mandrake Sulfur Launches a missiles that explodes upon impact causing Lightning damage. Damage
Come Hither Come Hither 60 500 2 Resin Caster aims at a target to magically draw it closer. Debuff
Stormblast Stormblast 70 500 2 Sulfur 2 Ash Conjures forth an explosion that sends enemies, and possibly friends, flying. Damage
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm 75 500 Mandrake 2 Ash A magical ray which brings forth a storm of lightning upon hitting its target. Damage
Tornado Tornado 90 700 2 Sulfur Mandrake Summons a tornado around the caster. Damage
Exploding Charge Exploding Charge 100 700 2 Ash Mandrake Fires a missile that explodes upon impact causing Lightning damage. Damage

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