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Angadialas Avatar2
Gender male
Race Alfar
Age unknown
Description He is tall amongst his kin and his face rarely shows any emotions. He has long dark hair witch some refer to as if it has a touch of metal green glister. He likes to wear normal clothes and despise any kind of armor.


Angadialas was always a lone wolf amongst his kin. He studied hard and tried to master the arts of magic from the youngest of his years. His fascination turned on him several times when he encountered trouble with his spells going wild. Although some damag was made it was also a sign of his progress and blessing of Melek as his actions were so unpredictable. Angadialas rose and was recodnized amongst his kin although that did not satisfy him, he set off for a journey for more wisdom and more power that was no longer in his reach in crowded cities of Alfar. After many years of venturing through forbidden lands and places he came back to his kinsmen only to witness that a new era has begun and new conflicts have arisen. So the demons of war have been awaken at last and thus his history shall be written in those days where no Alfar was allowed to go unarmed.