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Anti-PK clans are focused on killing flagged murderers, sometimes even taking a chivalrous position, defending the innocent who are antagonized and killed by PKers. The classification in Darkfall is "Player Defenders", and are very few considering their opposites, the "Player Killer" clans.

Often, however, Anti-PK guilds merely kill PKers because they are targets that can be dispatched without losing good standing with their race or faction and becoming PKers themselves. To avoid this degradation of ethics, and remaining proper Player Defenders, they need to adopt some sort of codex, which makes Roleplayer clans among the best of the Anti-PK clans, as they have an easier time remaining true to their vocation. As Player Defenders often are true to the Lore, they have even this in common with Roleplayers and it is recommended that they should look among these for allies.

Being a Player Defender is one of the toughest and many times a thankless task, as it goes against the creed many players dub being the spirit of the Full Loot game: to not take advantage of the weaker because you can beat them up and take their stuff. The Player Defender is against the creed that Might makes Right, but must become one of the mightiest themselves to even have the slightest chance of making an impact when the time comes to prove one's mettle, and not just give the PKs just another set of armour.

But, for those that are eager for revenge when people steal your horses and clobber you near cities and then hide in the shelter of the towers so you cannot pay them back, the price for retribution is 2000 Gold and a War declaration, to form your own alliance and be able to beat the opposition silly regardless of their colour. If you got what it takes to deal out the damage. In the beginning, however, you won't be able to do such, why you must win by strength in numbers, so gather a few likeminded Newbies, and know that you need to train together to be able to bring the strenght of number to the fore, so you don't run into each other and hurt yourselves more than the opposition.