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Gender Male
Race Human
Age 14
Description Blue eyes, Believed to have Dark blonde hair, estimated to be 5 ft 7 inch's. Slim Muscular body
Clan None
Title None
Relatives Unknown


Areyis is the last survivor of his clan, which was destroyed by a overwhelming army of Orks. During this time of war, Areyis was a Merchant and returning from some of his travels to other cities he found his land in ruins. He had been gone for 6 months with a large profit, after he had scanned the ruins with his eyes he realized that he was surrounded by Orks. They closed in on him but he fought bravely, killing 2 Orks, but the rest of them overpowered him. He was captured. Sent into a work camp, where he slaved on mining Orkish Iron's and materials. But Areyis was not broken. he led the Work camp into a revolt against the Orks, and though the Rebellion failed. Areyis managed to slip away.He is now a Assassin/Thief-for hire and will hunt or steal anything provided he is offered large enough pay.

also often goes by the Name of Sufferthorn


Arrogant and confident, Determined and sometimes depressed. Has a hot temper.


Areyis is best skilled with the bow, and Short blades, he is still young, and has much to learn. Areyis is not the best in his profession but he is known for his reliability, and his determination.

Known associates

currently unknown




Long Dagger

Bow and arrows


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