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Using a combination of fleshcrafting and necromancy, the Arthain create armies of malformed constructs which defend their lairs and raid neighboring communities. The arthain themselves are gifted but highly specialized spellcasters, who possess an almost uncanny grasp of the unholy and necromantic schools of magic.

It is believed that the arthain were formed by the mixture of Mirdain and Human blood.

Ecology and behavior[]

The arthain were once a peaceful and civilized people, but when they lost the ability to procreate, they resorted to extending their lives by steadily more depraved necromantic methods. In the centuries that have passed since, arthain culture has spiralled down to the pathetic nadir in which it exists today.

The arthain of the current day are a paranoid and hateful race, who see outsiders as little more than necromantic raw material. They are only happy in the solitude of their own crumbling sanctuaries, and will only leave these places to hunt for food and fresh corpses.


An uncovered arthain settlement will almost certainly face attack from all other communities in the vicinity. As a result, members of this feared and reviled race tend to settle in the most remote and inaccessible of locations. On rare occasions, however, arthain are lured into the service of devils, in which case they may be found near or under large cities.

The largest and most permanent arthain settlements are found in Agon's central region, which is a battle-scarred no-man's-land claimed by many but mastered by none. Here, corpses are plentiful, and there is no central authority to launch a sustained crusade against the arthain.


Fleshdogs move and behave as if they were giant dogs, but all their body parts are those of humans whose limbs have been bent and manipulated into a doglike shape. However twisted and broken their bodies are, Fleshdogs move with speed and agility.

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