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Burz Ro


Gender Middle-aged
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Middle
Description A battle-worn face and stalwart build, Burz is usually found with a smug grin, enjoying the bloodshed.
Clan Bloodclan
Title Gundul, Oligr Maubur
Relatives Zim Ro, Drulozudirkh Ro


Burz is a middle-aged member of Bloodclan. He is known for his creative leadership during raids, coordinating many Oligrz (archer Orks) to shoot the same target in a single moment. He strives to strengthen the clan and advocates oneness. He has done so by following three basic principles: life, wisdom, and unity. He heals other orks, preserving their life to fight again. He trains others in advanced tactics and teamwork, adding to their wisdom. And he strictly obeys orders, creating clan unity.