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A map of Agon, including Cairn

"The southeastern continent of Cairn is dominated by arid, viciously sun-scorched plains strewn with shattered and twisted rock formations. The plains are tortured by winds that blast mercilessly across the flats, howling around the jagged stands of rock. Tornados and dust devils spawn in the scrublands, and wild, rainless electrical storms dance across the blasted plains."
- Darkfall Online website

Cairn was mainly inhabited by the aernar, a peaceful and religious race. However, minotaurs started taking over the territory, invading from the mainland. Most villages fell under the minotaurs' aggression. Now, the minotaurs mostly wage war among themselves, on the mainland coast or with other inhabitants of Cairn. One of their enemies are the nomadic hill giants that live in the interior of Cairn.

In the center of Cairn stands Kasdim, an old Chaldean city, full of treasure and valuable artifacts. Today, Kasdim is home to monster factions which battle over control of these treasures.