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Location: Mirendil

Mirdain Capital

" Deep inside northern Mirendil stands the Mirdain capital of Charybdis - truly one of the marvels of Agon. Built on an island in the Lake of Dreams, its tall spires and marvelous glass-and-wood mansions reflect magnificently in the ever-still water around them. When its small but beautiful parks and squares are included, the capital covers the island it stands on completely.

Narrow streets and alleyways criss-cross the island, in the shadow of tall buildings, many of which are spire-clad. Walkways overhang the streets in many places, connecting the gallery floors of neighbouring buildings. These overhanging walkways tend to be beautifully decorated, with stained glass windows and colourful banners and flags. Despite the scarcity of space, trees and plants are plentiful in Charybdis – in yards and along streets - nursed by attentive mirdain as well as by the exceptional climate. " - Darkfall Online website