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We would like each clan to make their own custom page. Find a member in your clan that is familiar with wiki code. Just remember that if you want the page to be visible in the Roleplay Clans category, you have to add the following template to the bottom of the page.

[[Category:Roleplay Clans]]

If you just wish to make a basic, copy the following template to paste on the clans wiki page.

Other information:

[[Category:Roleplay Clans]]

For instruction on how to fill it out and example of how it will look, Click here.

When the server list has been released, or the game is out, write the name of the server your clan is on instead of the "Servername".

Keep in mind that the aim is to have all those clans and characters listed here on the same unofficial Roleplaying server.

Write your clan's name here and press the button to open its wiki page.

<createbox> width=24 break=no buttonlabel=Create clan page </createbox>

If a clan page has not been created under that name, you get the option to create that page. Do so and paste the above template inside it, then fill it out.

When you need to change the clan page, you can always write the name of your clan inside the box above the Darkfall Wiki menu to the left and then just click the edit button above.