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Corei moonglow
Gender Female
Race Mirdain
Age The equivelent of a human 25 year old.
Description Corei stands at a height of around five and a half feet, looking at the way she moves so lightly on her feet you would say she ways almost half as much as any human of her size. With her dark clothes and small, yet sharp, blades Corei always seems to be disappearing into shadows. However looking at her fine figure you would not say that she has the required upper body strength to deal any amount of decent damage to her foes within melee combat.
Clan Skullsplitters
Title Tiro
Relatives N/A


Corei grew up in a small Mirdain village on the outskirts of their lands. During this time Corei attempted to learn the way of the typical warrior but found that she preferred to use wits to gain an edge in combat rather than brawn. After several years of pointless training and combat exercises Corei ran from the village and joined up with a passing group of bandits whom taught her the arts of using chao in battle, such as attacking from the shadows or confusing opponents with quick movements that cause them to harm their own allies. However happy Corei was with the bandits however trouble had to strike sometime. While she was out on a separate hunting trip her bandit comrades ransacked her old village, killing all within. Still with a slight bit of loyalty within her Corei was devastated to hear of the killings and so left the bandits quickly, incredibly quickly in fact as she attempted to steal the treasure that the bandits had found within the village. The bandits caught up with her however and stole everything back, almost killing her in the process. Now Corei wanders alone, trusting no one but in desperate need of allies she turns to the one camp that she feels she would fit in with and it is now that Corei walks through the mighty gates of the Skullsplitters Stronghold.