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Daeriath Midranell
Leader(s): Taelisar TaKier
Play style: PVP, RP, LORE, PVE
Race(s): Mirdain
Website: http://www.daeriathmidranell.com
Recruitment: Looking for members

For ages the many peoples of the Agon have done battle with one another in the name of their gods or their empires. The Mirdain have had a subtle hand in the political scene for longer than most of these peoples have had a name to call themselves by. Ever seeking to protect the Mirendil Forest and oppress the dark powers that be, the Mirdain have of late come to find a new and more menacing power has worked its way into their beloved lands. While it is still uncertain if this threat was born of Melek or some other unseen foe, it is undeniable that the peoples of our kingdom have become afflicted.

For ages we were united with some very common ideals. The protection of the forest, the destruction the beastmen and our eternal struggle with the dark people known as Alfar. Suddenly however we are beset by a new and terrifying foe, ourselves. The Mirdain people are torn apart from with in. We see elf slaying elf for the ore in a miners pack. Elves leading raiding parties to defend goblins or leading Alfar into the land to capture Mirdain cities. The scene is a sickening one, and we must find a solution to this. We have sent emissaries to the noble Human and Dwarven peoples and have quickly learned that they suffer similar events.

Each kingdom has its own theories as to the cause and each seems unable to shed themselves of this evil. We have sought to find the root of this evil and purge it from the lands. We cannot cleanse our forest alone with so many twisted Mirdain and others seeking to disrupt our goals, for our forces are too thin and the task too great. Thus do we of Daeriath Midranell seek to walk a path that has not been traveled since the dark days of the Akkadian invasion of Agon. We have gathered and shall continue to seek true Mirdain, as we are undeniably the wisest of peoples and the greatest hope for our worlds salvation. We will offer shelter to those that seek it and deserve it. Humans and Dwarves may find such shelter with us if we find them worthy. We have even found one clan of Mahirim that may prove capable of bridging the long standing gap between our societies.

Their close ties to nature can only aid us in rooting out the source of this corruption and our wisdom can guide them and assist them with combating the more overt powers that seek to tear them apart from within.

An uneasy alliance... but one that is clearly wisdom's decree.