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The Darkfall forum is the largest and most visited section of Darkfall's site. Thousands of anticipating Darkfall fans have registered here to discuss the game and receive news on its development.


The community is a diverse mix of players, coming from different backgrounds, games and parts of the world. English is spoken almost everywhere, though dialogue in another language is not completely foreign on the board.

Though the individuals that make up the community are diverse, there are general classifications often labeled on people, particularly based on their join date or attitude towards Darkfall. Generally, the earlier a member has registered on the forums, the more respectable they are in the community, whereas members who have registered in 08 and 09 are frequently looked down on.

Trolling, whether on purpose or not, is frequent on the boards. Negative threads often appear, calling the game vapourware, etc. As well, there was an influx of negative threads after the European release was pushed to February 25th, though a good many threads also complimenting the developers on pushing the release date forward, for the good of the game.

Darkfall subscribers are able to link their game accounts to their forum accounts by logging in on the Darkfall website, going to the Profile & Billing Info page, and verifying their forum account info at the bottom of the Contact Information area.


As in most forums, there are several sections, or individual boards, for different purposes and types of threads.

Darkfall News Board[]

The Darkfall News Board contains news from the developers and administrators on Darkfall and related information.

General Darkfall Discussions Board[]

The General Darkfall Discussions Board is where you can discuss about the game.

Suggestion Discussion Board[]

The Suggestion Discussion Board is the place to post your suggestions for the game. It must be approved by a moderator.

Clan Recruiting Board[]

The Clan Recruiting Board is for recruitment threads from clans looking for members. There is a subsection for players looking for clans.

Clan Discussion Board[]

The Clan Discussion Board is for discussion about particular clans and clans in general.

Off-Topic Discussions Board[]

The Off-Topic Discussions Board is for threads not relating to Darkfall, such as jokes, real world discussion, other games, politics, etc.

RolePlaying Board[]

The RolePlaying Board is for in-character roleplay and threads discussing role playing in Darkfall.

Art! Board[]

The Art! Board is for threads discussing and showing off varying forms of art.


The Archives contain old threads, most prior to June 2008.


Like all forums of its size, the Darkfall forums have a group of moderators. There being approximately two dozen,

They were recently accepting positions for junior moderator positions.

Other Information[]