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A Demon

Demons are born in fire, and the cradle's flames still burn in their hearts and bellies. As embers issue from furnace-hot bodies, they spew fire and molten rock upon their enemies, while pounding them with huge hammers that were forged in the infernal pits of their homeland.

Ecology and behavior[]

Only visitors to Agon's surface, demons cause as much death and destruction as possible during their sojourns. Upon arrival, a demon first seeks to gather an army around him, then he launches a military campaign which could leave entire regions shattered. When its thirst for carnage is sated, the demon leaves Agon just as abruptly as it came, abandoning any conquests it might have made while on its large-scale rampage.

Nobody knows what motivates these demonic crusades. Some say that demons consume the souls of all those who are slain by their armies, thereby gaining in strength. Others say that their stays on Agon are exile sentences for unknown crimes or failings.


The exact location of the demonic homeland is not known, but it is believed to lie deep within the dark, burning regions near Agon's molten core. No path leading that deep into the abyss has been found, though many powerful clans and adventurers have sought one.

The only demon currently active is Illgarm, an Ice Demon (see below) who is in the process of conquering the frozen continent of Niflheim. It has also been whispered that a demon was recently summoned and bound by Oncylus, the mage whose terrible Pall is devouring Agon's heartland. If so, this is the first time in history that a demon has been called and bound by a mortal spellcaster.


Ice Demons have bluish white skin, and exude cold smoke from their bodies and helmets. They are, in fact, as cold as other demons are hot. Ice demons wield enormous warhammers, and are physically stronger than their cousins.

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