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A Devil

Veiled by layer upon layer of subtle magic, and guarded by armies of spell-ensnared henchmen, Devils wield their insidious influence upon entire communities, guilds or even nations. Devils are among the world's most adept spellcasters, and if confronted, they may unleash truly epic levels of magic-fuelled destruction upon their enemies.

Ecology and behavior[]

Devils are brilliant schemers, who constantly work to corrupt mortal communities which they latch onto like parasites. Like gilded spiders, they spin ever-expanding networks of power, luring the greedy and the foolish into their service by promises of wealth, power and physical gratification.

Devils will recruit whatever help is available locally, but prefer establishing or corrupting shadowy groups such as thieves guilds or religious sects. A devil's organization tends to include a healthy mix of brains and brawn.


Few in number but immensely long-lived, devils are found throughout Agon, usually in or near densely populated areas. They strive to keep their machinations in the shadows, and take great care to conceal their presence from the communities they feed upon. Devils prefer to live underground, frequently inhabiting secret networks of tunnels under the city.

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