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Duchy of Wessex
Play style: RP / PvP
Website: http://www.duchyofwessex.org/content/welcome.php

What set our guild apart is that we strove to create a government that actually functioned as an historical government from our real world might have. We did this not only to impart a technical organization and efficiency that would give us an advantage in the player versus player aspect of Darkfall, but also to create something wholly contiguous with and supportive of the world we projected ourselves into. Rather than just being a part of a gaming "team" with an incidental mascot for a sport played on a medieval-themed 3D battlefield, we hoped to make being part of the Duchy of Wessex a little more like stepping into an epic war movie. With the fully developed institutions of the duchy government in place, our members would be able to explore and pursue careers in various avenues of medieval kingdom life, and when war happened, it might feel like a war between societies, not just a really intense rugby match.

One special focus of this guild will be on accurate and detailed administration, so we would really like to appeal to and attract members who are capable of filling out some of these roles. That means we are looking for the absolute best diplomats, heralds, ministers, information brokers, traders, and soldiers.

Our duchy's structure consists of the duke and his council, but opportunities abound for advancement. Initiate members are considered villeins or peasant infantry, and can remain in this status as long as they wish. However, even though villeins must fight and contribute to the duchy's coffers like everyone else, they are limited in several ways. As this guild's focus will be on obtaining the absolute best and most proficient players, we offer simple examinations to those who would advance beyond the rank of serf to become complete members with a specialized function within the ducal government. These examinations are broken into medium and advanced grades, and can be found on our site's left menu. On passing these exams, His Grace the duke will appoint you to an available position within the ducal court. Display valor and resourcefulness on the field and it's possible to be granted heraldic arms, a knighthood, and even a fief of territory within the duchy.

The success of a clan will be determined by its efficiency in warfare, and feudalism is the government structure that was meant for WAR!

Bright Blessings,

Master Komako the Hawk, Head of Wessex Heralds


Ducal Court[]

Common Law[]



A grand scheme of the military careers available in Wessex can be found here.





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