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Capital: Ymir's Tear

Smaller Settlements: Valfather's Edge, Eirhjelm, Hammerdelve.

Dominant Race: Dwarves

Location: Northeastern Agon


A map of Agon, including Dvergheim

Area Description[]

The Dwarven homeland lies in the central northern part of Agon's main continent. Beyond its western borders lie the Mahirim Tribelands, while the Orkish nation of Morak lies to the east. To the northwest, across the storm-blasted Sarthan Sea, lies the ice continent of Niflheim, where dwarf clans have long struggled for supremacy with Mahirim forces. Currently, however, all settlements on Niflheim face a grievous threat in the shape of Illgarm, a demon whose campaign of conquest seems unstoppable.

Dvergheim's remote valleys are home to the Svartdvergir, a group of dwarves who strayed from Ymir's Path and fell under the influence of a malevolent deity. Marrow-wrung and horribly changed by their sinister master, the Svartdvergir are a threat to all who travel in Dvergheim's peripheries.


Dvergheim itself is a mountainous land, where glacier-fueled rivers have carved narrow valleys through towering, snow-peaked massifs. Tall pines grow in the fertile valleys, which are farmed by the gnomes, a peaceful people who-- by ancient accord-- enjoy dwarven protection in exchange for produce.