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Location: Morak

Ork Capital

" The only non-magical way into Flaming Skull is through a massive gate flanked by two towers. After crossing a fire-scarred drawbridge, which provides a way across the lava moat, the visitor walks straight onto the town's central square. Here, a statue of King Grakk holding a decapitated elven head overlooks the Drunken Axe, Flaming Skull's largest and most famous inn.

Across the square stands the Ziggurat of the Fire Dragon, Flaming Skull's largest structure and its most dominant landmark (with the rather obvious exception of the volcano itself). Rising from a natural outcropping of rock, the Ziggurat's three-storied pyramidal shape towers over the heart of town, a constant, torch-lit reminder of the power of the Fire Dragon and her priesthood. On every day of the week, doomed captives are sacrificed on the summit of the Ziggurat, their blood and screams temporarily slaking the death-thirst of the Orkish god.

The second largest structure in Flaming Skull is King Grakk's castle, the bannered towers of which rise from a plateau in the southwestern part of town. It is the headquarters of Grakk's elite Iron Orks organization, which maintains a constant guard on the complex' perhaps most interesting feature - a gate leading into the belly of the volcano itself. Proven Orkish adventurers are sometimes given quests that take them through the legendary gate, into the fire-scorched tunnels that lie beyond it. " - BT Oren

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