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Forest Golems, leaf-clad and root-footed, are patches of forest brought to life by sylvan magic. Towering over all but the tallest of trees, they pound their enemies with fists that have the hardness and circumference of fully grown oak trunks.

Ecology and behavior[]

Called forth by the will and subtle magic of the forest, these golems may spring to life naturally and without the aid of spells or spellcasters. Like all constructs, Forest Golems lack a will of their own and until destroyed they mindlessly follow the impulse-commands with which they were imbued upon creation.

The behavior of a Forest Golem depends on the nature of the woodlands that spawned it. While most forests birth golems that defend sacred locations and sylvan creatures, darker woods give life to more aggressive and destructive golems. In addition, some twisted druidic cults have mastered the art of inciting the birth of Forest Golems and of controlling the resulting behemoths.


Forest Golems may appear in any substantial woodland, usually near wildsprings, holy groves or stone circles. In practice, however, most forests lack the magical potency needed to generate such powerful guardian creatures. Forest Golems are relatively common in the vast Mirendil Forest and in the famously ancient and strange Wychwode of Mercia.

The deluded Forest Prophets of the Mirendil routinely send Forest Golems against their enemies (that is, everyone) as do the Dark Arannog who will go to any length to secure freedom for the native Imric people of Mercia.

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