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In Darkfall, you can harm or even kill your allies by hitting them, if you or them are not being careful.

Avoiding Friendly Fire[]

Friendly fire makes the players' skill, team cooperation, formations and other tactics more important than ever to avoid killing each other.

Because of collision detection, players can't "walk" through each other; your character is an obstacle to everyone. This makes avoiding friendly fire even more vital. This feature and friendly fire will make zerging (clans allying together to employ the strength of numbers) both harder and somewhat less useful.

Clan Friendly Fire[]

The Clan Friendly Fire are  HappyFighters (HFI) and the creators of the Biggest Long term Alliance of Darkfall 1 called The 312 Alliance .After a World Of Agon War the 312 alliance and Clan of HFI disbanded and came back as Friendly fire .

In Darkfall Unholy Wars Friendly Fire will be back as Friendly Fire Society (FFS)

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