Darkfall Wiki
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Ancient
Description One of the oldest Orks of Bloodclan. His face is pocked with scars and wrinkles have dried out his skin greatly. While he is extremely old, he still possesses uncanny strength and maintains a sharp mind. Gnarlug rules with an iron fist, and shows very little mercy. However, Gnarlug is fair and just. He enforces the rules and ensures that all Orks are in order. His prowess as a leader, on and off the battlefield is exemplified with his every breath. Some Orks fear him, and most hate him for his brutality and harshness.
Clan Bloodclan
Title Elder
Relatives Thulug (Brother, not by blood)

Biography: The second oldest Bloodclan Ork on UO: Hybrid. When the Hybrid branch first started up over 6 years ago, Gnarlug met up with GlubGlub and assisted in forming the current main branch of Bloodclan. After managing the fort in Yew, recruiting and training many Orks, and leading countless campaigns against the Humiez, Gnarlug became Maugoth--presiding over the bulk of the Clan. As Maugoth, Gnarlug ruled with an iron-fist, enforcing order and doling out punishments to those who disobeyed. Early on, Gnarlug was brought into the ranks of the Warcouncil by GlubGlub. Also early on, Gnarlug also founded the Bluud Skuhlz tribe--of elite zealot Orks.

Eventually the days of the Maugoth expired. A new ranking system took hold of Bloodclan, and Gnarlug took on the role of Warcouncil administrator and Elder. As an Elder, Gnarlug helped lead the clan to great victories over the humies and establish order within the clan.

Eventually, Gnarlug's activity on Hybrid dwindled.

Now, Gnarlug's focus is on Darkfall--and bringing the Bloodclan Orks to great supremacy within the world of Agon as the Darkfall Branch Leader.