Darkfall Wiki
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Young
Description Gorg is about 6 feet tall, but would be taller if he wasn't slumped over all the time. He is overly muscled like most orks, but lacks the huge assortment of scars that older orks have due to his age. His eyes are almost constantly wide open, and his eagerness to learn and become bigger and stronger sometimes makes him twitch uncontrollably as he imagines what he will be like when he's older.
Clan Bloodclan
Title Pug
Relatives None. They were slaughtered by humans when he was a Nuuborn.

When Gorg was a few years old his village came under attack by human raiders. The humans killed all the Orks, except for Gorg who was hidden underneath a skin blanket.From that day forward he vowed to kill and maim every human in sight until his lust for vengeance could be satisfied. Eventually he found out about a group of Orks who shared similar "Ork-only" ideals, and he instantly ran all across Agon to find the territory of this famed Bloodclan. The Bloodclan Orks were impressed by Gorg's bravery to run across the entire continent almost naked, and took him on board as a nuuborn Pizurk. Since that day Gorg has aspired to impress his superiors further by performing unspeakable deeds of carnage upon the humans of Agon, and obeying their every command be it to "go an' klomp sum oomies" (humans) or to run a hundred laps around the fort.