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Grandpa looks good
Grandpa Skaldir
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Age Prefers not to say.
Description Short (even for a dwarf) with a long, well groomed beard.
Clan None.
Title None.
Relatives None known.

Biography: <Ongoing and under construction.>

General Observations


Short but beautiful, with a very well groomed beard. A nasty scar runs down the left side of the face from the forehead, accross the eye and to the chin.


Eager, nosey and enthusiastic with an undying curiosity for anything new or strange. He loves exploring and discovering new places or peoples... Rather eccentric and some might say he's growing senile as he tends to wander off or ramble on at inopportune times!


Beard-grooming kit, Axes, Camping gear and more.

Quirks, Habits & Flaws

Hates anyone mentioning his size and does not consider himself disabled or 'vertically challenged' at all. He spends a lot of time tending or brushing his beard, very proud of its length & bushyness. He has other flaws and eccentricities as well, but why spoil the surprise for any0one meeting this fine fellow for the first time.



Abandoned by his parents into the outside world even before he could walk, he might be considered a 'Wild Child' or Wildling...


Much time living rough and surviving on wits and skills alone, both above & below ground. Often had to resort to stealing or petty thievery within the cities of Dvergheim to survive.


Many petty jobs and manual labours before setting out to redeem his family by becoming a Slayer.

Family History

The Cragore family, famed and influential in the mining business so very long ago before a curse took away much of what they were.


Adventure Journal

Sporadic tales of his travels within Agon.

Noteable Persons

Listings and details of influential people of Agon.

Deeper Detail


Curious and a deep hunger for knowledge and being involved in the very center of things.. mixed with a desire to reclaim his family's past heritage and acclaim.


Redemption, exploration,

Goals & Ambitions

Travel, exploration,


Friends & Enemies, Associations and acquaintances as well as societies, guilds or clubs.

Final Summary

Character Concept

A travelling tinker, fun and free from many of the cares others may feel. He doesn't know fear or understand many of the complexities or nuances that plague others.


New things, Strange things, Open spaces, Gold, Metal & shiny treasures or curious items.


Nasty things, Dark & enclosed spaces, blood.

Favourite Sayings

"Oi, don't ye be making fun of me' length, yer 'ere me?", "Gasbags, all of ye!", "Surely!", "Indeed"


Fearless, Curious, Tinker, Trader, Traveller, Eager, Eccentric, Beard, Posseur, Vain,