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Greater Magic is a versatile school of magic, consisting of offensive and defensive spells of varied nature. Among other things, it teachs how to inflict a foe with poison or wounds that bleed excessively.



Greater Magic Spells[]

Spell Skill Cost (g) Reagent 1 Reagent 2 Effect Type
Beacon Beacon 1 200 Ash Fires a magical ray that creates a visual marker on its target
Rend Rend 1 200 Bone Fires a missile that explodes upon impact causing Bleeding damage, as well as granting a Piercing Protection penalty. Damage
Insight Insight 1 350 Resin Grants a Wisdom bonus to the caster Self Buff
Frailty Frailty 10 250 Sulfur Fires a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's resistance against damage De-buff
Heal Other Heal Other 15 250 Mandrake Fires a healing ray that will recover some of its target's Health. Target Heal
Infliction Shield Infliction Shield 20 250 Nacre Increases the caster's Infliction protection, reducing the effects of Bleeding, Poison and Health or Stamina drain. Self Buff
Unburden Unburden 25 250 Mandrake Reduces the caster's Encumbrance. Self Buff
Flesh Curse Flesh Curse 30 300 Bone Resin Launches a missile reducing its target's Infliction protection. De-Buff
Infliction Ward Infliction Ward 40 300 Nacre Increases Targets Infliction Protection Buff
Begone Begone 50 500 Bone Sulfur Fires a telekinetic missile that pushes opponents away from the caster as well as dealing Arcane damage. Can also be used as an escape if targeted at the floor and run over quickly. Damage
Telekinesis Telekinesis 50 300 Ash Sulfur Creates a column of telekinetic force that levitates anyone within Area Buff
Venom Venom 60 300 Bone Resin Fires a missile inflicting Poison damage to its target. Damage
Shrapnel Shrapnel 75 350 Nacre Launches a projectile that explodes upon impact causing Arcane damage. This missile is affected by gravity. Damage
Missile Fury Missile Fury 90 500 Ash Ash Launches a projectile that explodes upon impact causing Arcane damage. Damge
Confusion Confusion 100 500 Ash Fires a missile that explodes in a bright flash temporarily blinding onlookers.

Greater Magic Skills[]

Skill Level Cost Effect
Icon Durable Spells Greater Magic Durable Spells Greater Magic 25 200 Increases the duration of Greater Magic spells.
Icon Mana Efficiency Greater Magic Mana Efficiency Greater Magic 50 200 Decreases the Mana spent to cast Greater Magic spells.
Icon Quicken Spells Greater Magic Quicken Spells Greater Magic 75 800 Decreases the casting time of Greater Magic spells.
Icon Intensify Greater Magic Intensify Greater Magic 100 800 Increases the magnitude of Greater Magic spells.

Other Information[]