Darkfall Wiki
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Very Old
Description An old scarred strong orc that is about 7 feet tall. In his eyes one can see intelligence and even light heartedness that is uncanny in the orcish race. Although behind it there is a deep rooted hate for all his enemies.
Clan Bloodclan
Title Elder
Relatives Syul'drak, Org'tar

Biography: Har'drak is believed to be descended from one of the original founders of the Bloodclan. He was born at the orc fort like unlike many of the newborns that wish to join the Bloodclan. Since birth he watched and learned from some of the finest orcs in the clan. This gave him an excellent cognitive ability for warfare. He easily climbed the ranks of the Bloodclan and eventually was invited into the wisest and most elite of the orcs: the Warcouncil. Now he is an old wise orc with strength and intelligence beyond most of his species. He lives to destroy humans with his mighty warhammer and spread the word of the Bloodgod to all.

Biography of Life in Agon: None yet