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Hawk Rathain
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Description Tall and thin, with delicate, aristocratic features. His dark, shoulder-length hair is messy and usually falls in his face, despite a couple of strategically placed braids. Some face tattoos, Hawk moves very smoothly and gracefully in battle.
Clan Skullsplitters


Hawk is one of the few left of his group of Nomads that has been killed or went missing over centuries.

The enigmatic Hawk says little and keeps to himself. Possessed of great intelligence and self-confidence, he has little regard for social conventions and stays calm no matter how dangerous the situation, which is needed as the clans scout. Hawk has devoted himself to perfecting his fighting skills as an art form, rather than as a way to stay alive, and he will openly admit to enjoying battle. "Some clan members and people around him might find him a bit disturbing", but Hawk has a caring side too, towards his own clan members. Though Hawk would like to do something else then fighting for money, he no longer has any sense of returning to his dead past, and cannot see himself doing anything other than fighting.

He's a great Tracker and Pathfinder.

He's loyal to his guild, and would never betray what he consider to be the closest to a family he has.

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Fighting Style

Hawk's main weapons are a composite bow and a long, slender, slightly curved sword. Since archery is his most outstanding skill, his usual role in battle is to pick off as many enemies as he can with his arrows before dismounting and joining the melee. (Of course, he's deadly with his sword as well).