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Karue Sadyen
Gender Male
Race Mirdain
Age 121
Description An ambitious and curious Mirdain Leader.
Clan Imperium Dues
Title Ranger
Relatives Morzanx Sadyen (Sworn Brother),

Obyana Sadyen (Father), Brillolien Sadyen ( Mother - deceased )


Early Years

Karue was one of the few Mirdain who could claim to be an only child. At a young age his mother was killed by an Alfar raiding party, and his father never remarried. His father, a once noble and tall champion, became a humble and slouched Merchant. From that time on
Karue's time was either spent in hunting, or in learning the ways of commercing from his father. His life long friend and sworn blood brother ( though they were cousins, but good luck telling them that), Morzanx Sadyen could always be found at his side. Together they would
bring in deer meat, or eventually go attack small goblin camps with none other than each other to rely on for support. Their teamwork was, and still is, a deadly thing indeed.

Coming of Age

Once he got to the point of being able to provide for himself, he and Morzanx left the town for a year. They traveled, explored, hunted, everything you can imagine 2 young Mirdain would do, they did. But after a year they realized that it was under the trees of Leafhelm where they truly felt at piece.

The Clans

Not wanting to end up like his father who now had no true friends to rely on, Karue decided to start a clan. Wanting to put what he learned as a child he best decided that a trades clan would suite best. Having collected a fair share of interesting and valuable items on their travels, He and Morzanx started up their own shop and even hired a local to build them a sign. For some reason though, they figured Ale, the craftsman decided to misspell the name oh his own world, thus naming them; Agor Trading Company. At first they were furious at the mistake, but eventually the began to like it for its uniqueness and play on words. As time went on the thrill of adventure and new lands called to Karue. He passed down the Clans leadership to Morzanx, and joined up with another clan in their alliance ( The Forgotten Alliance ) and became a member of Imperium Deus. Through hard work and good bit of knowing how to get on peoples good side he was able to work his way up to second in command, a title he still holds.


Karue spends his time with one of his two clans either recruiting people, or helping young mirdian learn the ways of the world.