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Kaylock Brechenson
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Age Unknown
Description A rough dwarf with auburn hair. Every inch a dwarf and a warrior. Works hard, and yet plays harder.
Clan The Empire
Title High General
Relatives Unknown


Born many years ago, deep under the mountains, Kaylock is a dwarf among dwarves. Fathered by none other than the Great Brechen, a renowned warrior and leader of dwarves. Kaylock followed in his father's foot-steps learning a mastery of many weapons and battle tactics. Now that his father has past away and his home destroyed by Orks, Kaylock has set out with The Empire Clan in hopes of one day being as great as his father once was. Armed with the Axe 'Orkbane' given to him by his father, and the position of High General in the ranks of The Empire, Kaylock now looks on towards the future and what adventures and friendships it may hold.