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Lainstone is the region North of the Human starting village of Monkfield and Northwest of Sanguine, Mercia. The area is waterlogged and populated with several goblin villages.

There is a single quest hub with a merchant, bank and one NPC.

There is no bindstone in this region.

The area also has several unpopulated villages and a cave system that looks like it should be populated by goblins.


  • Killing 10 or more goblins in Lainstone within an hour
  • Kill 2 goblin warlords
  • Kill the goblin leader, Archduke Stabby


The Humans from Monkfield are trying to push back the goblin threat in their region and have determined the goblins originate in Lainstone. They are trying to build an outpost there but constant goblin attacks make this difficult.