Darkfall Wiki
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Mature
Description Agh bubbhosh womp'r agh fwend ub Guban agh Tak'Wug.
Clan Bloodclan
Title Grunt
Relatives Gut'Luk

A relatively young, but highly religious Bloodclan Ork, Luk'Luk's greatest achievement was being a part of reviving the presence of the Bloodclan in Sosaria, after a fairly long dormancy. As well, he was able to retake some houses that were captured by humans. Though a skilled archer, Luk'Luk prefers to use one of his womps on all of his many enemies. His closest friends are Guban and Tak'Wug, despite Guban having gone missing for a long time.

Before reaching Agon, Luk'Luk had spent virtually all of his last days in Sosaria searching frantically for Guban all around the world. Occasionally, he circles back to the Orc fort again, exhausted and confused, only to restart his futile search all over again. Luk'Luk also helped uncover Gut'Luk, an ancient Bloodclan Mojo, who is currently wandering Sosaria in communion with the Bloodgod, addressing the decay of the world as they know it.


Luk being awesome


Luk'Luk receiving a vision from the Giitz'Krieg

Luk'Luk is well rounded and dedicated entirely to the Bloodclan. Many times has Luk fallen in combat for the Clan, and will gladly give himself at any time.


Luk da Bildur