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In Darkfall, there are multiple forms of magic that can be used in combat if a magic staff is equipped.


Spells must be purchased from vendors. No other means of obtaining spells exists in the game currently. Possibly this will change in the future but no indications currently.

Types of Magic[]

There are multiple schools of magic. There are six forms of elemental magic, your two base lines (lesser and great magic), and two specialty forms of magic. Arcane and Necromancy, each require one of the special classes.


General Specialty Elemental

Lesser Magic

Spell Chanting Air Magic
Greater Magic Witchcraft Fire Magic
Water Magic
Earth Magic
Arcane Magic

*Arcane and Necromancy are considered "elements" per Adventurine SA (Arcane Magic, Unholy Magic). 


To use magic, one must be wielding a magic staff. Some of the starter quests will reward with you a staff but a staff can also be chosen as a starter weapon. Like archery and other ranged weaponry, projectile magic must be aimed. It is likely that other forms of magic will have to be properly aimed as well, even if they are beneficial, and thus friendly fire and accidentally aiding opponents must be avoided. Certain spells also require a reagent in your inventory to cast. Reagents are consumed in the process of casting.

Also, some spells have an AoE(Area of Effect), making hitting multiple targets possible.

N.B. Since the patch a starter staff will not help you skill up your magic skills.

Tips on Leveling[]

Lesser Magic(LM) - Everyone should aim for 100 Lesser Magic, 100 Mana Missle(MM). LM will always have a use. Archers who run out of stamina/arrows can easily switch to MM. Mages that PvE will find using higher level spells very expensive, which makes Mana Missle the only cheap way to PvE. If you plan to go Fire Magic, don't waste your time with Eldridge Sphere. It uses the same reagent as Firebolt. If you don't plan on going Fire, use it often as you have the reagent.

Greater Magic(GM) - You start off with Rend. It takes about 500-600 bone to get to GM skill 15 when you can get heal other. Then buy somewhere around 5K mandrake to get to 50 GM. Don't forget to purchase the teleport ability, which is 5,000 gold from a vendor and requires 1 rune stone that is about 2,000 gold from a player.

Other Information[]