Darkfall Wiki

Leader(s): Waxx (Mine-Dog Leader)

Xaitt (Darkfall Branch Leader)

Play style: Roleplay/PVP
Race(s): Ork
Website: http://mine-dog.net/
Recruitment: PM via Darkfall Forum


Mine-Dog is a large community (1700+ Members) that plays and roleplays on a variety of different games; many of its members are going to participate in Darkfall upon it's release or upon a Beta invitation.

Mine-Dog's Darkfall Clan is going to be a group of Ork Raiders that will Roleplay, and PVP in many areas around Morak, and will Raid groups of Humans, Mirdain, Dwarves, and Alfars for their equipment, and of course, to inflict pain.


Below is a list of Ranking's, their information, and more.

WAR Bringers

This Rank is basically the Leadership, They make key strategical decisions for the Clan and it's major operations.

Death Bringers

The Death Bringer's are hardened Warrior's, and are specialized in a specific Skill set (Archery, Sword Fighting, Blunt Weapons, Magic, etc) and can organize and lead raids.


After a Grunt proves himself, he has finally reached the rank of Raider. Raiders participate in more difficult raids and receives a share of the loot, and can Organize raids with Grunts if no-one of a higher rank is on.

There are different types of Raiders, this is so that they can be used appropriately based on their specific skill. The Types are listed below.

Bow Raider - A Raider that is very experienced with a bow, and mainly uses Archery. Blood Raider - A Raider that is very experienced with Melee weapons, and mainly fights face to face. Acolyte Raider - A Raider that is very experienced with Magic, and can cast spells.


Everyone starts out as a Grunt, and works their way up through participation, skill, and battle. When you're a grunt, you should choose which skill-set you want to further the most and what you want to become good at, then work at it and participate in raids.