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Minotaurs can stand up to 300 cm tall, with their horns included. They have a human torso, but their head is that of a bull. Their legs are much human-like, but their feet are hooves of an animal.

Minotaurs start their attacks by charging their opponents with their horns. Then they use their massive, two-bladed axes.

The Minotaurs doesn't build or create anything, they use equipment that has been stolen from others, and live in abandoned houses. The Minotaurs can be found in wastelands such as Ochre and This exceptionally vicious race of raiders and warriors inhabit the twin wastelands of Ochre and Cairn.

Minotaurs do 8-21 base damage. This is increased by their weapon, and some Minotaurs have been found to drop enchanted armor( it happened only once, it was a fire-enchanted helmet).