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Homeland : Mirendil
Location : Southwestern part of Agon
Capital  : Charybdis


A map of Agon, including Mirendil

Area Description[]

Charybdis-straddles the Irthan river near its source, with approximately half of the city's hometrees rising from on each bank of the river. As it flows out of Charybdis, the Irthan plunges over an enormous waterfall which sends wave after wave of mist into the tall, glistening trees above. Looking down from one of the house-platforms of Charybdis, one might easily form the impression that the mirdain capital floats among clouds.

Like all mirdain settlements, Charybdis is built on a large number of levels which are interconnected by stairs, elevators and wooden bridges. The Mirdain prefer to live among the leaves and branches of gargantuan, sky-blue hometrees, but many businesses and defensive structures stand on the ground. An ancient, deeply sacred Tree of All Seeds, which stands on a small island in the Irthan, is said to be the parent of all other trees of its kind.

Mirdain adventurers start their careers in one of three villages which all lie in the vicinity of Charybdis. King's Holdfast is dominated by three small subsidiaries of the Irthan, which run through it and form its boundaries, respectively. Near this village lies one of the largest and most revered wildsprings in all of Mirendil. Leafhelm covers several spacious plateaus on a large, craggy mountain which rises dramatically from the forest floor. Beladin's Rest is built under and among the gargantuan branches of Eryasil, a truly enormous greenroot which is the largest tree in all of Agon.

To the north are plains and gently roling hills of the Mahirim Tribelands to the south and East , beyond a no-man's-land shattered by war, lies Nagast, the poisoned and spell-blasted homeland of the Alfar. Across the Ruby Sea to the south lies Rubaiyat, a desert continent which was recently overrun by the seemingly unstoppable undead hordes of the Red Pharaoh To the east of the Forest Republic lies the fiercely contested heartlands of Agon, which are slowly being devoured by the Pall of Synochus, a Deathless Mage who wields strange and powerful forms of shadow magic.

The Mirendil Forest itself is intersected by several broad, winding rivers, the most famous of which is the Irthan, which rises in the darkest depths of the forest and empties into the Eirandar wetlands of western Mirendil. Several mountain chains and lakes further perforate the forest, making it a less geographically uniform place than a cursory glance would suggest.

Other Information[]