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A map of Agon, including Morak.

Morak is the harsh land of the Orks where wild swamps, volcanoes, deadly lava streams and jagged, rocky regions litter the landscape.

Morak borders Mercia and Dvergheim.

The Land[]

Much of the Orkish homeland, Morak, is covered by fetid and insect-haunted swamps in which the traveler sinks ankle-deep in sticky, ubiquitous mud. Rain falls very frequently in Morak, and a combination of clouds and swamp-mist ensures that sunlight rarely-- if ever-- disturbs the murky ambiance.

The northern third of Morak is dominated by a number of active volcanoes and the lava streams which issue from them. The land between these volcanoes is jagged, rocky, and as barren as the southern swamps are fecund.

The orkish realm lies in the central eastern part of Agon's main continent. A state of unending war exists between the orks and both of their closest neighbors - the humans of Mercia to the south, and the dwarves of Dvergheim to the northwest. To the northeast of Morak lies the jungle continent of Yssam, which is the domain and playground of a celestial dragon, while the neutral city state of Silvertown lies to the southeast. To the west, the Pall of Oncylus slowly spreads across Agon's heartland.