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Motanum Mithrim
Motanum Mithrim
Gender Male
Race Mahirim
Age 30
Description Mercenary
Clan Sanguis Argentum
Title Warrior
Relatives Mithrim Maridirm (Father, Status Unknown), Ylmineya Mithrimir (Mother, resident in Red Moon)


Parents and Early Life

Born to Mithrim Maridirm, a weaponsmith, and to Ylmineya Mithrimir, a resident in Red Moon, who rarely goes out on the streets. Raised as a weaponsmith he quickly learned how to use a sword and a shield, he decided to join his army, but after seeing the corruption he decided to wander the world looking for glory.

Sanguis Argentum

He encountered Archmage Isse-Istar Ingole-Tur and a Human Raiden Marus on the way. Motanum was invited to assist with the creation of a clan, a clan of mercenaries, he accepted with the condition that he would be the Strategic Councillor. As the clan grew in size Motanum understood that as a Strategic Counsillor he could not join the battles at any time he wants, as he had to be at the top of the tower commanding the troops. Because he could not bear to be held up in the tower, and he could not bear not to feed his thirst for blood, he offered Isse-Istar a de-rank proposition to Warrior Lieutienant, now he could be in the fights and drink blood from his enemies.

As a Warrior Lieutienant he teaches the skill of sword-fighting to other clan members. He still practices weaponsmithing, a profession he learned from a young age from his father, and his weapons can be identified by his signature Motanus.


Friendly and always willing to give part of his share to the most needy ones within the clan, but he would not think twice before killing an enemy soldier. He would much rather jump from a cliff into the water then read books, so do not think twice before inviting him to an exploration party, yet he will always walk by your side, and will never let you down in the middle of the battle.