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Ships attacking each other

Darkfall includes ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore combat, including the ability to board and steal ships from their owners. Players have the ability to craft a full range of boats and ships, from small fishing vessels to 50-cannon war ships, and they are able to fully control the ships as long as there is wind to power their sails.[1]


Players can man the helm of their ships and use the winds generated by Darkfall's weather system to power their sails. Players have to learn to use the winds to their advantage, even tacking in order to move into a prevailing wind. [2] Piloting a ship is not a simple feat, and like all things in Darkfall, it will require some skill and practice for the player to master. [3] However, the development team at Aventurine SA has attempted to simplify the model somewhat in order to make sailing a little more practical. A quote from Tasos “can ships sail against the wind? The wind affects the sailing speed but we've simplified the model quite a bit as to not make it impractical to use ships. Tacking (zig-zagging) can be used to move faster if your heading is directly into the wind. “[4]


Ships can be outfitted with cannons which can be used to attack other ships or settlements and people in ship to shore warfare. The cannons are not swivel cannons, and require that the ship face the right direction for the cannons to hit their targets. [5] Ships do not incur damage from ramming, but if you are close to another ship, players will be better able to swim or even jump to your ship. [6]

Ships do not have different hit boxes, meaning that you cannot target sails or masts in order to disable the ship. If a ship is sufficiently damaged, it will sink, and all players below decks on the ship will drown. [7]


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