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Otto Grudgehammer
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Age Well into his adult years.
Description Brown beard and hair, usually encased in thick plate armour. Carries around a hammer named Stella, very quiet and tends to keep to himself unless provoked. Strolls into town once in awhile to pick up supplies.
Clan None
Title The Solemn
Relatives None (Abandonned at birth)

=Biography= Otto Grudgehammer, sometimes referred to as the Mountain Walker by humans who tread into the mountains in search of riches. Otto is like a mountain guard for travellers, often watching from a distance with his hammer in hand which he named Stella after his wife before she was slaughtered in battle with the rest of the dwarven lgion. Otto was once a proud dwarven soldier for the Mountaineers of Ymir, one day while escorting a trade caravan to the human lands, an Ork warband fell upon the hearty band, looting the entire caravan and killing off most of the legion. The return home would take the lives of many more dwarves, until Otto was the only one left. Upon reaching the city walls he turned away, ashamed to not have died with his wife and fellow soldiers. Now Otto wanders the mountain peaks, with the spirit of his wife in his hammer of ice and steel, in hopes of finding a way to redeem himself and the Mountaineers. Through glorious death in battle, or taking hammer to steel in his makeshift forge, Otto will do whatever necessairy to quell the haunting voices of his deceased commrades in arms and most of all, his wife's.