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RPCore is a player-run fansite that is designed to be the de facto role play community for Darkfall. The primary resource RPCore offers is the forum, where server-specific and non-server-specific discussion takes place, regarding gameplay, role playing, events, art, lore, stories, etc. Both role players and non-role players are welcome to join and post at RPCore.

The Start[]

RPCore was started as a result of a thread about chat bubbles, where someone suggested that a role player fansite would be the best way to push the chat bubble agenda,[1] which caused Black Thunder to actually put up RPCore as that fansite.[2] He believes it was much needed, not just for chat bubbles.


RPCore is currently in a public 'Beta' phase, which is most accurately described as a phase in which things are still coming together, so some technical problems might occur. However, the site and forum are entirely functional and open to the community with little technical issues. The Beta phase has not yet seen any major issues, aside from some small forum template bug which prevents polls.[3]

Other Information[]