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Rangers of Mirendil
Leader(s): Earendur Niphredil, Amron Strongheart
Play style: PVP, RP
Race(s): Mirdain, (Human)
Website: Comming soon
Recruitment: Looking for members

Other information:

Rangers of Mirendil[]

"The Rangers of Mirendil are sworn protectors of the beautiful lands of Mirendil."


The Rangers of Mirendil Guild was formed to defend the beautiful lands of Mirendil. The guild consists only of free rangers who have sworn to defend their homelands. The Rangers have also sworn to defend the weak and those who cannot protect themselves, and defeat the evil that spreads across the lands. Every member of the guild has sworn an oath to protect and serve Mirendil and follow the Rangers Rules.


The Rangers of Mirendil is a medium sized Light Roleplaying Guild, looking for mature and active members. We value Roleplay, but there also has to be limits, and we do play to have fun.

Language: English

Races: Mirdain, (Human)

Roleplay: Light RP

Server: Will be decided later

Alignment: Light

Website: Rangers of Mirendil Wiki
Forum: Rangers of Mirendil Forums (Being Worked On)


Our goal is to create a roleplaying guild where you can come and be among friends, we will make sure that several forms of communication methods will be available to you, such as voice-comms and etc.

Furthermore will the guild strive to be a part of the big battles to come and we will do our best to follow the Darkfall Lore and to adapt to the present history of the ingame world. We will contribute to the beautiful world of Darkfall with great adventures and we will create bonds and friendships in the process


Roleplay will be a greater part of the guild, we all know the basic roleplay rules, and we aren't going to be very strict as in you always have to roleplay and can't bring in a few jokes from the real world. So therefore the guild has chosen Light Roleplay, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


So far ranks are being worked out. Leaders are for now:

Earendur Niphredil

Amron Strongheart


Members are preferred to be 18+, but with mature and serious behaviour, people in the age of 16+ can join in.

It is preferred that members are of the Mirdain race, since we are protectors of Mirendil which is the lands of the Mirdain race. To adapt to the history of the guild, a handfull og humans will be allowed to join. The people and the amount of humans will be decided by the council/leaders of the guild.

There are no specific requirement when it comes to weapons, magic or armor. EX: We are not only looking for archers or assassin types, mages or sorceres are also welcome, as long as they adapt to the guilds rules and roleplay.

All members must respect the rules.

Promo Video:

If you join close to this date, you will be a founding member

- Earendur Niphredil