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Very tough mob to solo melee, possible but need really good armour, good weapon and high mastery & health or else you’ll have to do it in 1-2 sessions, healing in between. Best way to take a spawn of several of these guys are to go with a buddy and have 1 heavy melee, 1 support buffer and/or healer. Very good mob for farming r50 bows/swords and fullplate armour pieces.

Type Mob
Hit Points 500
Difficulty Hard
Spell Caster No
Melee Weakness blunt, piercing, slashing
Spell Weakness acid, arcane, infliction, lightning, malediction

Item Quantity Freq Description Type Sub
Arrow 50 Always A projectile shot from a bow. Object
Dawnrazor 1 Often The edges of this blade consists of densely packed rows of steel needles. Weapon Two handed sword
Full Plate Cuirass 1 Often Metal armor protecting the torso. Armour Full plate
Gold 350 Always Gold coins are accepted as currency all over Agon. Object
Major Healing 2 Usually This potion grants a large amount of health. Potion Health
Major Stamina Potion 3 Usually This potion grants a great amount of stamina. Potion Stamina
Spiked Bow 1 Always Spikes decorate the limbs of this intermediate bow, and its grip is strengthe... Weapon Ranged