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A Red Dragon

Burning with implacable hatred, Red Dragons lay waste to entire regions, destroying or devouring any creature that strays within their ken. Usually preferring to stay on the wing, red dragons rain fiery death on their opponents, sometimes slaying entire adventuring parties with a single, well-aimed belly-breath.

Society and behavior[]

Red dragons are single-minded engines of destruction, who rarely harbor any plans beyond comprehensively burning everyone they encounter. While some dragons are ambitious schemers who gather armies and amass hoards, reds are only interested in the transient pleasure of the kill.

Like others of their kind, red dragons are served by groups of serpentines, who excavate and tend their lairs, and serve as ground troops during combat. Reflecting the nature of their masters, red dragon serpentines are unsophisticated, brutal and physically strong. They hate all the clans on darkfall, but they do love there lovely tamer of einherjar, the guild leader won the item dragon tamer medallion for best supporter and now can harvest dragons and there powers to fight for her clan untill she is pked with the item and someone else takes it off her body, but beware her guild is 200 + strong and she has a group that enforces security to make sure this never happens, her name is grey ghost, if you ever see her ide stay clear of her.


Red dragons are found on every continent, except Niflheim, which is too cold for their liking, and Yssam, where Far-Loradain the dragon emperor violently discourages rivals. Some of the largest and most famous red dragons are found in Agon's central region.

The territory around a red dragon's lair tends to be scorched, lifeless, and generously strewn with the charred and chewed-out remains of previous victims. Red dragons prefer to lair on tall, rocky perches that overlook the devastation which they themselves have wrought.

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