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In the darkest, remotest parts of Morak's swamps stand the villages of the Sadayel, a race of resourceful and semi-civilized lizardmen, hated enemies of the Orks. Though otherwise peaceful, the Sadayel nourish a marrow-deep hatred for the orks, who have been their (largely victorious) rivals in an age-long struggle for the meager resources of the swamp.


Sadayel villages occupy interconnected wooden platforms which rise on stilts from the swamp's mud. They tend to settle in wooded swampland or mangrove forests, building their houses among the trees and in harmony with nature. Sadayel settlements are found throughout Morak's swampy regions.


Slight and short-statured, the Sadayel may be mediocre hand-to-hand fighters, but they are excellent archers and competent spellcasters. They sometimes bring groups of flying snakes with them into combat, and frequently ally with Akathar bird-men.