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Servants of Malaut

Driven by some residual spark of sentience, Servants throw themselves on the swords of their enemies, begging them to end their miserable existence. Press-ganged in their hundreds, these half-undead shells are the highly expendable cannon fodder of the Red Prince's armies.

Society and behavior[]

Servants of Malaut are made from the dredges of humanity, who are lured or kidnapped into Twilight Empire coteries, and then subjected to rituals which turn them into mindless, disfigured drones incapable of disobeying the commands of Malaut's followers.

The primary responsibility of the resulting Servants is to construct and maintain the coterie's subterranean temple. If the temple is attacked, they are used as a first line of defense, commanded either by human cultists or directly by the Below, who are Malaut's cruel and inhuman priesthood.


For now, the Red Prince's efforts are focused on the human kingdom of Mercia, which lies directly above his decadent underground realm. In the long term, however, Malaut wants every weak or sensuous mind on Agon to join his Twilight Kingdom.

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