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Leader: Tristan Hawk (MSN Contact: welshrogueuk@gmail.com)

Website: Shirefolk of Agon Forums

About us: The Shirefolk of Agon is based upon the principle of Social Roleplaying. A place for people to come together and work towards building up a community without relying on the constant need for battle and bloodshed. At its core, it relys heavily on people willing to role play a Commoner in the land of Agon and build up their character from within the game, instead of announcing their greatness to the world from day one.

A lot of the influence for the Shirefolk of Agon has come from Single Player Strategy Games such as Stronghold, Age of Empires and The Settlers. The idea of starting out with nothing more then a handful of poor Serfs and Peons and building up into something grand later own down the line. Darkfall provides us with many means to fulfil this concept.

The Guild will require people that are willing to gather resources, forge their wares and sell them in market for profit. It will require Warriors dedicated to the protection of these Common Townspeople, it will require Mages and Priests to provide Education and Enlightenment. We aim to build a community where regardless of what role you choose to play, there will be a place for you, providing that you are willing to role play and join in with the Mission that this Guild sets out to complete.

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