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Darkfall, unlike most other MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Game), has no leveling system, and instead is a skills-based game. The number of available skills in the game is between 500 and 1000. New skills or spells are learned from NPCs or from other players.

The developers of Darkfall have stated repeatedly that skill lists will not be released to the public. This is due to a belief that hidden skills shouldn't be known to exist before a player discovers them.

A trained skill ranges from 1 points (new) to 100 points (maxed). As you practice a skill your ability in it steadily increases at random intervals.

Skill Prerequisites[]

Some skills require a basis in other skills and have prerequisites. For instance, you need to have Wisdom of 25 before learning the Alchemy skill, and to be a blacksmith of great prowess you first need to max out Weapon Smithing and attain Weapon Smithing Mastery; not until that skill is maxed out can you make the best weapons-- for which you will also need the Trueforge Weapon skill, so that the Durability of your product will be greatly improved. Many other skills have pre-requisites, not limited to the level of a skill, and sometimes depending on the level of a base statistic, or total hit, stamina, or mana points.

Skill Types[]

There are five categories of in-game skills, as well as Darkfall Wiki's default skill category.

Default Skills[]

A player-conceived category of skills that all players automatically start out with.

Combat Skills[]

A sets of skills that passively improve combat.

Crafting Skills[]

A set of skills for harvesting resources or using such items for creating, among other things, weapons, armor and accessories.

General Skills[]

A set of skills regarding various abilities to improve your character.

Magic Skills[]

A set of metamagic skills that improve all spells belong to specific magic schools

Specialization Skills[]

Skills used to give your character an advantage against certain types of players, or the ability to benefit movement in game.

Racial Skills[]

  • Racial Skills

Skills only available to certain races.

Other Information[]