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Steedgrass is the rarest thing one can find while gathering herbs with a drop rate of .6%. Often steedgrass will sell for 500-1000 gold per herb. This is due to its use in taming, a skill that is used to create a mount.


Image of Steedgrass in game. Courtesy of Seloria Swiftarrow

Creating a Mount[]

First find some steedgrass. Then buy the skill Taming along with a taming whistle. The skill can be found at an arcanists place and the whistle can be bought from the merchant. Then create a mount figurine, which will appear within a backpack. The kind of mount that is created depnds on the race of the creator. This is talked about more within Racial Mounts.

Summoning a Mount[]

Aim at the ground ahead of where the mount should appear. Double-click the mount figurine within the backpack and it will appear in full size on the ground.

Note: Anyone can run up and steal a mount unless it is being ridden. Be sure to spawn it away from other players, and don't leave it unattended.

De-spawning a Mount[]

Walk up to it, while aiming at it, and press alternate use (default G) to make it into a figurine again. The figurine will appear in your backpack.