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Night-eyed, bare-chested and covered in strange tattoos, the Svartdvergir fight with berserker fury, relentlessly swinging axes that radiate dark magic. While in a state of battle-rage, svartdvergir warriors channel the wrath of a cruel deity whose liquid essence infects them all.

Ecology and behavior[]

When a svartdvergir comes of age, he drinks of the Essence of Sahul, the ancient and mysterious deity who controls their society. From that moment on, the individual gains the ability to channel the rage of Sahul while fighting, and Sahul gains the opportunity to assume control over his new subject whenever he so chooses.

The svartdvergir work constantly to further Sahul's plans, which involve the spreading of his Essence to new subjects, and the weakening of the dwarven state by any means available. Using his powers of possession, Sahul is able to coordinate the efforts of settlements scattered throughout Dvergheim, and to transmit news between them almost instantaneously.


The svartdvergir inhabit the remotest valleys and darkest caverns of Dvergheim. Due to the supernatural strength of warriors channelling Sahul combined with the work of possessed spies in mainstream society, the Dvergheim government's campaigns against svartdvergir strongholds have frequently proved disastrous.

Sahul wants to control all of dwarven society, and he has had some luck in subverting the citizens of Dvergheim. Small cells of the Sahul Cult are at work in the dwarven kingdom, constantly seeking new recruits who are willing to accept the Essence.

Name and influence[]

Svart is the Norwegian word for Black, Dverg is the Norwegian word for dwarf and -ir was a common Norse suffix. Thus Svartdvergir would mean Black Dwarf.

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