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Lesser Magic Spells
Spell Skill Cost Reagent Reagent Effect Type
File:Heal Self.png Heal Self 1 - Caster regains a small amount of Health. This spell does not require any reagents to cast. Heal
File:Mana Missile.png Mana Missile 1 - Fires a missile that inflicts Arcane damage. It is the weakest damage spell available, but does not require reagents. Damage
Lay on Hands Lay on Hands 1 100 Resin Fires a magical ray which heals it's target. Heal
Magic Shield Magic Shield 1 100 Nacre Creates a magical barrier that may reduce the efects of area attacks and spells affecting the caster. Buff
Health to Mana Health to Mana 10 100 Sulfur Caster increases his own Mana, at the cost of losing Health. Conversion
Magic Ward Magic_Ward 20 100 Nacre Fires a magical ray that creates a defensive barrier around its target, and reduces the effects of area attacks and spells. Buff
Eldritch Sphere Eldritch Sphere 25 100 Sulfur Fires a missile that explodes upon impact causing Arcane damage. Damage
Mana to Stamina Mana to Stamina 30 150 Resin Caster increases his own Stamina, at the cost of losing Mana. Conversion
Mana Drain Mana Drain 40 150 Sulfur Fires a magical ray which drains its target's Mana. Drain
Heal Mount Heal Mount 50 150 Mandrake Fires a magical ray that slightly replenishes a mount's Health.
Stamina to Health Stamina to Health 60 200 Mandrake Caster increases his own Health, at the cost of losing Stamina. Conversion
Launch Launch 70 200 Sulfur Fires a magical ray that causes a burst of enegry. The damage dealt is minor, but the force is strong. Knock back (vertical)
Burden Burden 80 250 Resin Fires a Missile inflicting an Encumberance penalty on its target, interfering with their casting or archery. Buff
Blast Blast 100 250 Sulfur Fires a missile Inflicting Arcane damage to its target who will be bewildered for a short while, having his Dexterity slightly lowered. Damage + Buff

Lesser Magic Skills
Skill Level Cost Effect
Icon Durable Spells Lesser Magic Durable Spells Lesser Magic 25 50 Increases the duration of Lesser Magic spells.
Icon Mana Efficiency Lesser Magic Mana Efficiency Lesser Magic 50 100 Decreases the Mana spent to cast Arcane Magic spells.
Icon Quicken Spells Lesser Magic Quicken Spells Lesser Magic 75 200 Decreases the casting time of Lesser Magic spells.
Icon Intensify Lesser Magic Intensify Lesser Magic 100 200 Increases the magnitude of Lesser Magic spells.